Establishing a comprehensive financial picture will guide you to the right choices and ensure what’s best for your future self.

The Plante Group | National Bank Financial will create an action plan aimed at optimizing the following:

Your financial independence:

  • Assess your asset needs
  • Establish an adequate disbursement strategy
  • Adapt and review income projection simulations
  • Optimize your tax situation

Your budget and debt management:

  • Calculate your cost of living
  • Increase your savings capacity
  • Take stock of your assets and liabilities
  • Evaluate your borrowing ability
  • Optimize your banking and credit solutions

Manage your risks:

  • Set up an emergency fund
  • Protect your assets and evaluate your current insurance coverage
  • Ensure your financial well-being in case of incapacity
  • Define your loved ones’ financial needs

Succession and philanthropy:

  • Plan your estate wishes
  • Analyze your will and protection mandate
  • Minimize the tax impact for the estate
  • Provide advisory services for your liquidator
  • Establish a philanthropic plan

Financial education:

  • Receive training
  • Benefit from behavioral coaching

We are committed to guiding you at each milestone of your life.

Setting up a concrete action plan today will help you reach independence tomorrow and ensure peace of mind.

“Not only are the services received and support by the Cimon Plante team of exceptional quality and professionalism, but what’s more - they’ve proven to be ’above the norm’ because they are fastened justly & relevantly to OUR own needs.
An aura of tailor-made financial intelligence characterizes them …and this adjusts in respect and relevance, whatever our life changes may be.
We age with peace of mind… what a beautiful gift!”

Marie-Carole Morneau and Michel Brunet
Customers since 2011

“Cimon Plante’s team has made its mark across the province. It is my former broker from Chicoutimi who recommended him. Despite his youth, Mr. Cimon has gained respect from his elders and peers through his determination, his social involvement and his consistency.”

Lina Mongeon
Client since 2018

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