We combine our know-how with that of the best specialists in the field to optimize your current situation and ensure that your aspirations for future generations are fulfilled.

You will benefit from increased operational efficiency, a value-added advantage for the management of your global wealth.

Multi-strategic portfolio management:

Our multi-strategic approach allows you to diversify your assets by combining our portfolio management with an indexing approach or by involving other active managers boasting a style complementary to ours.

Private banker:

You will be assigned a private banker as a one-stop shop for all your banking and financing needs.

Additional services:

You will have access to business succession planning, fiduciary, concierge and medical concierge services, as well as to valuation services for art work and wine cellars.

Benefit from the expertise of a wealth and portfolio manager who will make the best decisions with you.

Our proactive management approach allows us to quickly adapt to your objectives, your projects and achieve them at specific milestones of your life.

“Cimon has put together a comprehensive team of financial experts to help define your personalized financial goals and build a sound and agile strategy to achieve them. I really appreciate the regular updates and chats with Cimon.”

Roger Tawa
Client since 2011

“The Plante Group is composed of conscientious, competent and attentive advisors who offer sound advice, excellent collaboration and unwavering support while respecting the personality of their clients.”

Huguette Marion
Client since 2009

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